Anthem Organics ( Offers Einkorn Sandwich Loaf


We love seeing new einkorn products in the marketplace, and that’s why we were so glad to learn about what Anthem Organics is doing with whEat Better, its division dedicated to selling einkorn sandwich loaves. Right now, the soft, rich loaves are available through the Chicago branch of Door-to-Door Organics, a company that’s all about empowering people to eat good food. We tasted a loaf this week and were definitely impressed–crisp exterior, soft crumb, beautiful pale yellow color that defines einkorn breads. But even beyond the fact that whEat Better is making high-quality products—mmm, that was some good einkorn toast with jam we ate this afternoon—we also like Anthem Organics because it has such a solid understanding of einkorn and its benefits.

From the whEat Better website:

Einkorn is a nutrient-rich whole grain, higher in protein, beta-carotene and antioxidants and is easier to digest than modern wheat. (source)

May this loaf be the first of many in the marketplace as more and more people see the beauty of this ancient grain! Thanks for letting us try your bread, whEat Better! We are rooting for you and hoping all of Chicagoland jumps on board with your products.

whEat Better
Anthem Organics, Inc. P.O. BOX 353
Willow Springs, IL. 60480
(708) 880-9819